About me

Madeleine Shaw, Personal Coach with Real BrillianceMy name is Madeleine Shaw and I spent close to 15 years working very successfully as a corporatey person. Mostly as a lawyer at large firms and companies. Mostly pretty unhappy. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t be happy and fulfilled as a lawyer or in a corporate career; I have met and worked with plenty of people who are. Of course you can. You just need to be choosing it. Really choosing it. For the right reasons – ones that make you happy to your core and out to the edges of your skin.

So now I work to help people figure out what makes them happy to their core and out to the edges of their skin.

And then, help them live it. How awesome is that!

There’s a saying:

You’re perfect just as you are… and you could use a little work.

I love that.

Thanks, Zen Buddhists. I love that saying because it captures the idea – which I believe – that we’re all essentially whole. We’re enough. We already have all the resources we need, inside our very own gorgeous heads, to do whatever it is we need to do. With real, shiny, awesome brilliance.

But it captures it in a way that also says “no puppies and rainbows”. Also, “no egomaniacs”.

Don’t get me wrong. I like puppies well enough. Rainbows are pretty. But I prefer a fluff-free zone when I’m talking about this stuff. I’m actually not getting better in every way, every day. Let’s be honest. But I am, in my essence, enough. And I can always get better, in important ways, with a little work.

So are you. So can you.

Mainly, I believe fear is getting too much airtime.

Most of the work I do with people involves getting to grips with fear, in one form or another (it wears disguises), and putting it in its place. It does have a place, by the way. A hackly feeling, alerting you to danger – when you’re in real danger – is a good thing. That same hackly feeling telling you to avoid stepping out and living fully, is not a good thing.

I want to help you make fear a minority shareholder.

Sure, it can still show up from time to time and cast a vote. But it doesn’t get to rule the day. When you reach that tipping point where fear no longer calls the shots, your whole life transforms. You get to live a life of meaning, joy and connectedness. Puppies and rainbows optional.

But how?

I will work with you to help you do the work. If you’re still waiting for someone else to save you, or for all the people and situations that are keeping you back to change, then I’m not your best helper. In fact, no-one is. Until you understand – really understand – that the key to living brilliantly is all in how you see the world and choose to interact with it, you will have fear calling the shots.

If you get that you need to shift stuff, but stuff ain’t shifting, that’s where I come in.

I work with people in 1:1 coaching and workshops, to help them figure out what’s keeping them stuck, and bust it. Gone. Hello, next level of brilliance. It’s bloody great to meet you. You can sign up for that here.

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