Get happy to get successful, not the other way round

I love this TED Talk from Shawn Achor.


Because it’s short (just over 12 minutes) and he’s funny. His premise is not news. His research confirms what much research is showing:

We don’t get happy once we get success; we get successful when we’re happy.

So how to get happy? Well, I have this pill I can sells ya…

Naw. But there’s various techniques and ideas that have been shown to work. One is the gratitude journal. Shawn mentions it in his talk. Write down 3 new thing that you’re grateful for, each day for 21 days. The sharper mathematicians among you will have calculated that that will mean you have a list of 63 things. They can be big (“Life on earth”) or small (“this cup of tea”). So long as you’re really appreciative of having them, they can go on the list.

Give it a try. What happens?