Go “Internet-lite”, Unplug, Be Present, Enjoy the Holiday

Holiday BaublesWell, I just read a blog post that so perfectly sums up my attitude to technology over the Christmas/holiday period that I’m going to strongly recommend you take a couple of minutes to read it here. Full of practical tips on how to go “internet-lite” over the break. I’ve written before about taking back control of your technology (because who do you think is in charge of it, if it’s not you?). I’m also still on the slow-down-you’re-moving-too-fast mindfulness bandwagon, and getting back on the radical monotasking train.

So yes: read this blog post.

And have a fantastic, safe, fun-filled holiday break. I’m switching off data on my phone and not logging onto my computer for quite a while. Woohoo! Family, here I come.

Until 2014…

Madeleine x

[picture credit: jannoon028, freedigitalphotos.net]