Play Survey – the results are in

The results of the very unofficial and interesting Play Survey are in.

And aren’t you a playful bunch! The results of the survey were quite delightful. A full 90% of you can feel playfulness either instantly or in a few minutes, and 40% of you work where playfulness as an integral part of a high functioning workplace!

Of course, a statistically valid sample this was not, taken as it was from this group – the people who I work with, who like what I post in the world and who are interested in living better and more joyful lives. Although I won’t be submitting these results to a peer reviewed journal anytime soon, I was heart-warmed about this:

I love what I do.

It really is just such an honour and joy to be spending my working days talking with, and creating material for, such switched on people. Thank you!

Here’s the details.

It’s pretty easy for you to get playful…

… but how often do you do it?

And what happens at work if you do play?

The kinds of words you came up with when you think of play were great:

Given that research clearly shows that playfulness is strongly correlated with creativity, flow and high performance, it is a shame that so people are still in workplaces which see play as only a break or reward. That’s MUCH better than not playing at all… but what can be done to integrate it into working life? As one of the main researchers in this area, Stuart Brown, says:

The opposite of work isn’t play. It’s depression.

I’ve seen a lightness and playfulness in very high performing organisations. But it’s definitely the exception to the misguided rule of “no fun = real work”. What about you? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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