The Radical Mono-Tasking 1-Day Challenge


An open mind can hold an extraordinary amount
So, we’re not actually designed to multi-task. Our brains go all over the shop and we do everything worse than if we did it with focus.  You know when you’re having half a conversation with someone and you don’t really engage, and they get irritated or disappointed, and words from the conversation end up randomly in your poorly drafted email? That. So I’m giving my mind a break, to see what it’s really capable of.


Here are the rules.

Rule 1: Do one thing at a time.
Rule 2: If in doubt, see Rule 1.

In practice, this will look like:

  • No using my phone while doing anything else – this includes eating, talking, riding on the train, watching TV, waiting for the kettle to boil. Anything. I will only use my phone when I sit down specifically to do so.
  • No reading anything unless sitting down specifically to do so.
  • When watching my daughter’s activities, just watch.
  • When eating – just eat.
  • When drinking – just drink.
  • No radio on at home, while exercising, or in the car. Listening to music means really sitting down and listening to it.
  • When doing chores, just do them. No getting distracted.
  • When playing with my family, just play with them. No getting distracted.
  • When talking – stop anything else, and just talk.
  • When listening – stop anything else, and just listen.
  • When resting – just rest.

Can you think of anything important I’ve left off the list? I think Rule 2 covers most things. I’m also thinking of doing a longer challenge (perhaps a week?) which would involve relaxing some of the rules. For example, I think I’d let myself have music on while doing other activities, or read a book while eating, or work on my laptop on the train. But for the sake of a hard core exercise, I’m going full bore.

I’ll do this tomorrow (Wednesday, April 24) and will report back! Why not give it a try – whether tomorrow with me, or later – and let me know what you discover?

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